Region : Gayo, mountains of Barisan. 

Farm : Hathi is a blend of varieties produced by small farmers - 1300-1500m altitude. 


Process : Wet hulled  – semi-washed Organic. 

Variety : Several. 

This blend of varieties is grown by a group of small farmers, owning between 1 and 2 hectares of coffee under shade trees, in the Gayo Highlands, in the foothills of the Burni Telong volcano. Like a lot of coffee in Indonesia, it is wet hulled. The coffee is then prepared and exported by the Ketiara cooperative which we know well, having purchased a good quality organic coffee from them for a number of years now. This cooperative is reputed for its promotion of women coffee growers and a younger generation of producers. 71% of its members are women.


Cup Profile :  The coffee produced is full bodied, spicy, and smoky, typical of coffees in this region.


Score : 80+. 

Sumatra - Gayo (Organic)