Region : Oxapampa (northeast of Lima) – Cipizù. 


Altitude : 1,990 m. 


Farm : this speciality coffee is part of a project called ‘The Seven Elements’. A project that aims to preserve and regenerate the Amazon Forest, taking special care of the human side of the people who live there as well as everything linked to the territory – the microclimate, the techniques as well as the wisdom of the farmer who cultivates this coffee. Miguel and Hector, and their families, grow this coffee on the top of Zipitzu Hill, a mountain top with a special microclimate and ecological features of the soil and local plants.


Process : Washed. 

Varietal : Mixed ; Catimor, Catuy, Gran Colombia. 


Cup Profile : Roasted to a medium roast, you will find notes of ripe fruits, molasses, dark chocolate. Mild fruity acidity, a medium body, consistent and well balanced.

Score : 84. 

Peru - Cipizù