Region : Montecillos, Marcala. 

Farm : Ceiba - 1200-1700m altitude. 


This coffee is grown in the Marcala region, between 1200 and 1700m altitude, and is the result of the work of several producers who are partners of Café Organico Marcala (COMSA).


The strengths of this coffee: an approach based on sustainability, the strength of COMSA, organic farming.  The cooperative is oriented towards supporting the producers, and a community committed to education.


Ceiba is a blend of varieties, composed of 55% lempira, 20% parainema, 15% catuai, 5% icatu and the remaining 5% ihcafe90, typica, pacas, pacamara and maragogype.


Process : Honey, dried in the sun. 

Variety : Mixed. 


Profile : Notes of pepper, nutty, peanut, ending with chocolate and lemon.

Body : Medium acidity, bold body with soft spice.

Score : 80+. 

Honduras - Montecillos (Organic)