Region : Sidama. 


Farm : Refisa Nensebo - 2070m altitude. 


This coffee is produced and grown by a small group of farmers working with the Refisa washing station, in the district of Woreda, Nensebo.  It is a typical coffee of the Sidama appellation, grown on the high, fertile plateaux of the Bale Mountains.


The farmers get their cherries processed at Refisa, they normally farm parcels of land of about 2 hectares, using ancient methods of cultivation, staying traditional whilst respecting their surroundings.  


The strengths of this coffee are:  traditional agriculture, organic certification, the Sidama A appellation. With the supervision of SNAP we are able to have full traceability.  This company was created in 2008 in Addis Abeba with the purpose of exporting amazing lots of coffee, whilst creating solid links with the small farmers growing these coffees.


Process : Washed & dried on raised beds - Organic. 

Variety : Heirloom. 


Cup Profile : Aromas of ginger, vanilla, orange, apricot, and honey with caramel tones.

Body : Fragrant coffee, with a medium body and a long finish.


Score : 83+. 

Ethiopia - Sidama (Organic)