Region : Guji Oromia. 


Farm : Hambela Bedessa (2100 - 2200m altitude). 


Small farmers – Hambela Bedessa station:


The coffee varieties 74110 and 74112, were developed in the 1970’s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC) for resistance to coffee berry disease, which can be a serious problem for small coffee farmers.

Both varieties are seen as great yielding trees, and therefore, instead of only keeping the variety in Jimma, where it thrived the best, the Ethiopian government decided to donate seeds from these varieties to coffee farming regions all over the country. That is why these are the most widespread varieties in Ethiopia to this date.


This coffee is produced with the collaboration of some 390 small farmers and a skilled and experience gentleman by the name of Asnake Kasa, whose attention to detail and processing skills put forward the true flavours and potential of Ethiopian Coffee.  He is known for creating experimental lots, both washed and natural coffees.


I am very happy to be able to offer you this coffee and looking forward to feedback from you.


Process : Washed. 

Variety : 74110, 74112. 


Cup Profile : An aroma intense coffee. Structured citrus with layers of perfume and florals, with a dried fruit sweetness.


Flavour notes of bergamot, Pu-erh tea, elder flower cordial, red apple, and a long, lingering finish.


Score : 87.5 

Ethiopia - Guji Oromia