Region : Jimma, Agaro. 


Farm : Beshasha Lot 1 - 2040m altitude. 


This coffee is grown by Mustefa Abakeno, a small holder with 18 hectares of land near Agaro in the Jimma region of Ethiopia.  Mustefa has a small disc pulper that he uses to wash process half of his coffee, the other half is dried as a natural.  This lot is interesting, it is like a light honey.  Due to the lack of water in the region, Mustefa ferments the pulped coffee for a short period (8 hours) before moving it to drying beds (13 to 16 days).


Mustefa set up the small wet mill, Beshasha, to process his coffees as well as small farmers around him.  With the support of the Falcon Speciality team (from whom I buy some of my speciality offers), he can sell his coffee directly.  With the help of an agronomist, Harun, working as part of the Falcon team, his primary focus has been to work with farmers like Mustefa improving processes at the washing station, installing shade netting, instigating cherry selection at the delivery point, tagging day lots in order to keep them separate and monitoring moisture content during the drying phases.  He is involved in training the coffee farmers in good agricultural practises (GAP) to improve the quality and productivity of their coffee gardens.


Process : Washed. 

Variety : Heirloom, 74110 and 74112. 


Cup Profile : Notes of nectarine, dark honey, milk chocolate, black tea and kiwi like acidity.


Mouthfeel : Juicy and round body rich brown sugar sweetness and long floral finish.

Score : 87. 

Ethiopia - Beshasha Lot #1 (Organic)