Region :  Tres Pontas, Sul de Minas. 

Farm : Rancho Grande, 970m altitude. 


Process : Natural. 

Varietal : Acaia. 


Coffee production began at the Rancho Grande Farm in 1933, when Mr. Aneite Reis inherited 5 hectares of crops to start production from.

Today, the farm is run by José Carlos Reis and his son Flávio (Fafa) Reis, both son and grandson of Mr. Aneite.


The mission of the farm is to responsibly produce coffee of the highest possible quality without neglecting the importance of protecting the environment.


Offered exclusively as an Espresso roast. 


Cup profile : Plum and cherry with a heavy dark chocolate, raisin and creamy body.


Score :  84. 


Brazil - Sul de Minas