Region :  Carpo das Vententes, Ibiturana. 

Farm :  Fazenda Monjolo, 1040m altitude. 


Process : Natural. 

Varietal : Catuai. 


Fazenda Monjolo is run by Aristides Botrel, and is situated in Três Pontas, framed by the Three Peaks mountains.  The region has plentiful water resources and provides excellent conditions for coffee growing.  The family have been in coffee growing business since the late 1800’s.  


There is a deep understanding of the coffee farming, helping to push limits in agricultural practices and performance.  Emphasis has been modernising the farm and on post-harvest methods since 2010, improved milling facilities to maintain quality in a consistent and continuous way.


Cup profile : Deep, well-articulated coffee, with chocolate being the prevalent aroma and flavour. Sweet, round and syrupy.


Score :  85.50. 


Brazil - Monjolo