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"The Roastery"

Our equipment

I roast on a Giesen W6 Gas roaster.


The favoured roast a couple of years ago was the City Roast, but over the past few years palates have evolved and our customers' knowledge has improved.  


I have adapted my style of roasting accordingly, taking into account the type of beans, the origin of the beans and the brew methods of my customers.  Every roast is cupped before the coffee is sold.

Brewing coffee beans

It is really important to get the correct grind and to

grind your beans as and when you need them to preserve freshness.


One of my favourite ways of drinking coffee is to use the French Press.  Take 8 grams of coffee (1 heaped tablespoon) for 150ml of hot, preferably filtered water. Brew for 4 minutes, and add water after the brewing process if you find it is too strong, never during the brewing process.


Tasting & Degustations

The roastery is currently closed.


No visits are available. 

To pick-up coffee orders, please order Here.  


and use our click & collect service.

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