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About Us

Ideally, I would love to travel to each and every farm to select the coffee I sell myself, but that would require time and resources I simply don’t have!  When I am not roasting, I dedicate a lot of time to sourcing new coffees for the small but varied palette I like to offer.  It is vitally important that I work with suppliers sympathetic to the Fair Trade ethos.

I roast on a Giesen 6kg gas roaster, and one thing I enjoy is the challenge of varying the roasting process to suit each coffee depending on its origin.  I still roast the traditional way using my senses and you certainly have to be on your toes!  


The roastery is everyone’s favourite spot, I don’t know if it’s the gentle tones of jazz, the delicious and enticing aromas, or the opportunity of sipping a flat white or espresso but family and friends love congregating there. Along with our cats and dogs, you will frequently find our chickens settled outside too!




our greener future

One of our main goals in the next coming years, is to focus on environmental sustainability.

It is well known that coffee is grown and shipped from exotic climates, from all around the world. This creates a carbon footprint.

To make a conscious change, and do our part as coffee roasters, we've decided to turn things around.

Currently the use of recycled plastic coffee bags, means we're stepping in the right direction not only as a business, but for you, the customer, facilitating the right choice as well. 

Additionally, all our in person deliveries, in our local area, are done with an electric powered vehicle only, which has been itself, carbon offset. 

This is a small contribution on our part, to be able to share a cleaner, safer future, together. 

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