The Roastery

I believe that it is vital that we source and buy our raw materials without taking advantage of the grower/producer, and at the same time be careful of what we put into our bodies. Tumbuka aims to remain faithful to the spirit and letter of Fair Trade, for the benefit of producers and consumers alike, and to encourage a deeper appreciation of coffee itself.

My objective is to create something more personal; to share the art and science of roasting, to offer the experience of tasting and discussing freshly roasted beans; in short, to treat coffee with the respect it deserves, as one would a fine wine, so that educated palates can decide for themselves what they like, and what they wish to avoid.

A strong part of my passion for coffee is talking to people about not just the product itself, but its ‘story’; it’s origins, and most importantly, the people who grow it, sharing with my customers the people we work with, tell their story.

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A lot of thought and work has gone into sourcing the correct packaging for the coffee, It is 100% compostable packaging, and my labels are biodegradable as well.

The coffee is roasted several times a week, is always fresh and will not need packaging devices to prolong its shelf life.